Privacy Policy

House ensures the careful and proper processing of personal data and does so in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (Algemene Verordening Gegevensbescherming, AVG).

House processes personal data in the context of and for the purpose of providing legal services. The basis for this is performance of the contract of assignment with our clients and legal counsel. Personal data that we obtain through our clients/legal counsels will not be shared with other relations or third parties unless prior consent has been granted by the providing party. Furthermore, we use data such as name, e-mail address and telephone number to the extent necessary to contact (contact persons employed by) our clients, to maintain business contacts and/or to invite (future or former) clients to events, for example. The basis for such processing is consent – necessity in the context of performance of an agreement – or a legitimate business interest.

House protects the personal data processed by House in an appropriate manner and, where necessary, concludes processing agreements with the third parties engaged by House who act as processors. Personal data are retained by House for as long as necessary in the context of the purpose for which they were collected by House.

If, as a data subject, you wish to submit a request for inspection with respect to the data we process about you, please address this request to e-mail address: Any requests to correct, limit or delete personal data can also be sent to this e-mail address. House will respond to incoming requests within four weeks at the latest.
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