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Why House?

We are House.

Our vision and mission.

At House, we believe that legal services can contribute to a better world for tomorrow. We support companies that operate sustainably and make a positive impact. We do this by deploying experienced, flexible legal counsels.

House is your on demand, high quality, business minded legal service provider.

Business minded – kind – proactive.

Are you looking for legal support on contracts, e-commerce, IP, IT, privacy or employment law?

Our legal counsels are highly experienced and advise at a high level. Pragmatic and clear, fit to your needs: on demand, interim or as a ‘permanent’ remote legal counsel.

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The start.

House (formerly House of Lawyers) was founded in 2019 on the vision that flexible legal work can be done differently and better, not in the last place for the independent in-house legal counsels themselves. To work from freedom and expertise for great companies and brands in a sustainable way. Clients can count on ‘on demand’ legal support by business minded and kind legal counsels.

Our founder Maaike Roet herself has worked for years as a partner in employment law and as an interim legal counsel.

From her experiences and the drive to show companies that legal business support does not have to be complicated, expensive and lengthy, and also the need to help other independent legal counsels get great assignments, House was born.

In recent years, with a steady House Team of 30 legal counsels and a carefully selected flexible pool of 100 independent legal counsels, House has grown to become the ‘go to’ partner for flexible corporate legal advice.



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