House Talk Online – March 17, 2023 – 11am-12pm.

Living (up to) your code of conduct – speaker Sonia Garcia Navasquillo (Garcia Legal)

Our House Talks Online are to inspire Heads of Legal to work on Innovation and Impact in Legal. This House Talks Online is all about Living (up to) your Code of Conduct. Living (up to) your code of conduct stands for making conscious choices. Not just knowing your code of conduct, but acting on it. Setting up the organization so that everyone actively operates every day on the basis of the norms and values from the code of conduct. How do you do that and where can you start? Or are you already one and do you want to share your insights with peers?

That’s why we’re hosting House Talks Online on Friday, March 17 from 11 a.m. to noon on this topic. Featuring speaker Sonia Garcia Navasquillo (Garcia Legal). Sonia will take us through how to do this and we will also share best practices in this area.