Robert Buisman - CEO & Founder NOMOBO.

Robert Buisman - CEO & Founder NOMOBO.

NOMOBO is a creative video content agency producing exciting, energetic content for the world's leading brands.

1. What doubts did you have beforehand?
"It was more that I didn't know House well enough. I thought we were going to hop from legal counsel to legal counsel all the time. That it didn't come down to building a relationship".

2. How was your experience with our legal services in the end?
"Very nice, really great. I also have direct contact with our legal counsel Paul. We built a relationship in a short time. I can call him right away. He knows what he is doing, works thoroughly, stays critical. He also keeps the right pace and goes into enough depth".

3. What were your results from using our legal counsel Paul?
"To start: better protection of our productions and covering risks on location. In addition, during turbulent times, our legal counsel ensured that we do things by the book and follow the statutes. Furthermore, at NOMOBO - through the quick "legal" check on certain issues - we were able to force openings in business conflicts. I can share my vision with our legal counsel and then I get enough ammunition to get going myself, preventing a real legal escalation. By the way, this doesn't mean I use legal counsel for hours, I can just make a phone call. This reflection gives self-confidence. Our legal counsel is a real trusted advisor and sparring partner".

4. Who would you recommend this to?
"I highly recommend House's legal services for start-up companies. If you have a business and you want to protect it, bring in an expert, so you have precisely quick access to legal and therefore quicker results. If I had known House earlier, as in at an earlier stage of my business, it would have helped to cover risks quickly. It can really save you in the long run. I also like the approachability of House and that they have an expert in house for every subject".

5. What else is fun to talk about?
"There is so much to think about in terms of legal. We were filming in San Francisco (USA) during a production, which featured an iconic tower with a company logo on it. Then it turned out that even if you film in public, there can be certain restrictions in terms of image rights, such as that the architecture is protected. So the images couldn't just be used commercially. After we investigated everything carefully, it turned out that - the moment you don't specifically focus on some buildings - it is allowed to use "cityscapes”.