How can House support a company like PreZero Netherlands with flexible legal services?                                                 

In a short interview, one of our valued clients, Daphne van Oppenraaij – Beijdorff, General Counsel/Head of Legal PreZero Netherlands, revealed her experience with our legal services and the collaboration with our senior legal counsels. A glimpse of that here:

“House has proven itself as a reliable partner in legal services by providing expert interim counsel who are not only legally strong, but also understand the non-legal aspects of corporate legal work. A specific achievement was during the furlough period of one of our corporate lawyers; House managed the transition and transfer seamlessly and professionally. Their approach combines legal precision with a pragmatic approach, which is essential for effective corporate legal support. Communication with House is always pleasant and professional, and their technical meetings are enriching and interesting. I would certainly recommend House to others looking for reliable and expert legal support.”                                                                                                                                     

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