House: 5 years!

Wow, to be honest, we were (also) surprised ourselves. This year House has been around for 5 years! House was founded in 2019 based on the vision that flexible legal work can be different and better, especially for the self-employed corporate lawyer, working from freedom and expertise for great companies and brands in a sustainable way. Customers can count on ‘on-demand’ legal support from enterprising and friendly legal counsel.

Our founder Maaike Roet has worked for many years as an employment law attorney-partner and as an interim corporate lawyer. House was created from her experiences and the drive to show companies that legal business support does not only have to be complicated, expensive and long-term, as well as the need to help other independent corporate lawyers with great assignments.

Over the past 5 years, House has grown into the ‘go-to’ partner for flexible corporate legal advice with a steady House Team of 30 legal counsels and a carefully selected flexible team of 100 independent corporate lawyers. We’re going to celebrate that this year!